Review Policies

Since I’m planning on using this blog more seriously, I want to be clear what a review means and what I am open to reviewing.

Review Policies

I have read thousands of books. This year, I’ve read more than 80 books so far, listen to an audiobook per month or more, and read with both of my children. Depending on the book, I can easily read through two to four books in a week.

If a book is an ARC, I will review it regardless of what rating I think it deserves. If you are an author who is giving me their book directly, I will make you a promise only to review it if it merits 3* or higher. If it is a book I am choosing to review on my own, it’s likely to be a 4/5* because I liked it and want you to read it, too. Snarking Nostalgic books won’t receive a star rating unless I really really really love or hate it.

5*—I adore this book and you need to read it NOW. If I read an ARC, I’d buy the book regardless. Otherwise I own the book, and I consider it to be a book worth owning a physical copy of, rather than just an e-book. The plot, characters, setting, etc all work together and you will be completely immersed in the book, and was irritated that I had to put this book down. I definitely stayed up too late to read it. I will reread this book multiple times.

4*—I really liked this book, and you probably will, too. I own or would own a copy, but not necessarily a physical copy. I will probably reread, but not frequently. I didn’t mind putting the book down, but looked forward to picking it up again. I was immersed, but not so much that the outside world faded away.

3*—I liked this book, but will not likely reread it. It was enjoyable, but nothing about the plot/characters/dialog/etc stood out as spectacular.

2*—I probably didn’t like the book, but I don’t hate it.

1*—I hate this book.


Genres I like

Fiction—Romance, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Women’s Fiction, YA. I am not interested in faith based fiction, literary fiction, or poetry.

Non-Fiction—Memoirs, Travelogues. I enjoy non-fiction that dissects pop culture, especially things like Harry Potter and the Whedonverse.

Children’s Lit–Pretty much anything that isn’t religious, I’m open to reading, likely with my children (born in 2008/2011). I’m a certified teacher for grades 1-6, so while I’m not in the classroom I am capable of evaluating literature based on that.


Inquiries should be sent to delilahnight at gmail dot com

Because I read more than I can possibly review, you can also be my friend on Goodreads to see what I’m reading.

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