Your Opinion–Divergent the Movie

Instead of blogging today, I’m trying to burn through the last third of my reread of Divergent.  My husband got home early yesterday, which meant I was able to go see the movie without the internal debate of whether I wanted to see it badly enough to pay a babysitter.  I saw it, and afterward I sent myself a 30+ point bulletin email of good/bad/questions.  I should hopefully finish my reread tonight and get the post done tomorrow.

In the meantime–who has seen Divergent?  Did you like it?  Hate it?

I’m declaring the comments open to spoilers, so only read them if you’re okay with that.

5 thoughts on “Your Opinion–Divergent the Movie

  1. Big mehhhhhhhhhhh. I think it might be the first movie that ruined the book for me when I tried to reread it (going on some friends’ podcast to talk about it). They’re both SO SLOW. SO SLOW. Even though the movie was 2:20, they left out so much of the relationship building btw al, Christina, will and Tris and also the antagonism she faced that would have made the training more life and death. This made it all a lot more Mary Sue-ish than in the book, and totally downgraded the stakes. Also, the explanation for her fear of intimacy was NeVER explained, so if you haven’t read the book you’re left with “why is one of her fears that Four will force himself on her”? Her explanation of “I don’t want to go too fast” was so on the nose and yet didn’t fully explain the fear fully. Rape is a scary thing but rape is not what is necessarily presented in that fear.
    I am talking more about the book in the podcast so I will let you listen before I steal my own thunder 😉

    • Post a link here when the podcast is up?

      Without stealing my own thunder my first impression was that they minimized Al to the point where I didn’t give a damn, nor was his part in the attempt to toss Tris inti the chasm understandable, nor his suicide.

      I’m definitely not liking the book as much either. Trying to decide if that’s because books 2 & 3 were a progressively worse mess, the movie, or what.

      I read a stat in a buzzfeed article that said unlike hunger games, only about 50% of the moviegoers of divergent had read the book compared with something in the ballpark of 80% of Hunger Games viewers.

      • I know right? I don’t remember it (the fear in the simulator) being an almost rape in the book. It seemed consensual but terrifying to her.
        I never read the third. Wikid it and am glad I didn’t. The end of the second pissed me off.
        What they did to Al made me sad–and also made no sense without context.
        Will def put up linkage once it’s up (by the weekend most likely)

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